The MS&AD Group was formed in 2010 by the merger of Mitsui Sumitomo, AIOI and Nissay Dowa. The group represents two Non-Life insurers, Mitsui Sumitomo and AIOI Nissay Dowa. The oldest group company was the Osaka Insurance Co. Ltd., founded in 1893, which was absorbed into Mitsui Marine & Fire and later into Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd., which is still active today.

Key data for the MS&AD Group

With its 40,641 employees and a Total Revenue of 40,137 million EUR (FY 2017 from April 2017 to March 2018), the MS&AD Group is one of Asia’s leading insurers and thereby ranks amongst the largest insurance firms worldwide.

Overview of the MS&AD Group
Headquarters: Tokyo/Japan
Employees: 40,641
Total Assets: EUR 172,869 Mio.                            
Equity Ratio: 13.1 %
Total Revenue: EUR 40,137 Mio.
Result before Tax: EUR 1,627 Mio.

Exchange rate: EUR 1 = 130 JPY

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International locations of the MS&AD-Group

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By your side wherever you need us. A truly global presence with 40 600 people operating in 943 offices in 47 countries and regions. The central offices are shown in red.

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