With effect from September 1, 2020 Yoshio Motohashi is appointed as new member of the Management Board of MSIG Insurance Europe AG (MSIGEU).

He follows on Akihiko Ikeno, who resigns as member of the Management Board and will return to our parent company MSIJ in Japan. There he will lead the International Business Department and thus be responsible for our business in Europe.

Yoshio Motohashi takes over the responsibility for Global Coordination and Japanese Clients. He previously held various positions in our group. Most recently, the 50-year-old worked for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Holdings (Asia) Pte Ltd as Executive Director. He has a special bond with MSIGEU, as he has been closely involved in the development of our business since 2007.

Klaus M. Przybyla, Chairman of the Management Board of MSIGEU: "We are pleased to welcome Yoshio Motohashi, an important companion and an internationally experienced colleague to our Management Board. At the same time, we would like to thank Akihiko Ikeno for his many years of successful and trusting cooperation in our Management Board. We wish him much success for his new position and look forward to continuing to work with him".