In 2019, the MSIG France Branch Index of Gender Equality is 89/100.

To provide more global and adapted solutions, MSIG offers its clients now Cargo coverages in addition to Machinery breakdown or Erection All Risks…

We gladly announce that our Risk Engineering Department has grown with the arrival of Clément Lapierre who recently joined MSIG France Branch as a…

Partnering with Prométhée is MSIGEU’s way of acting for a cause of general interest.

Alexander Schmitt will assume the position of Chief Reinsurance Officer at MSIG Insurance Europe AG (MSIGEU) with effect from March 1, 2019 and will…

Notre Dame

All MSIG Group employees wish to express their deep sorrow at the tragic fire that struck the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, on Apri 15l.

News Property

We are happy to announce that Frédéric Gaudin joined MSIG France Branch in December 2018.

Zum 1. Juli 2018 wird Patrick Smolka in den Vorstand der MSIG Insurance Europe AG (MSIGEU) berufen.

Zum 1. April 2018 wird Dr. Carsten Hoffmann in den Vorstand der MSIG Insurance Europe AG (MSIGEU) berufen.