Our origin

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company (Ltd.), we are part of the MS&AD Group with headquarters in Tokyo. To us, being part of this strong group means a constant exchange of knowledge with experienced colleagues worldwide, financial stability and the opportunity to provide insurance protection to our customers across the globe.

Alongside our constantly growing number of locations in Europe, our origins allow us to offer a vast and well-developed network in Asia as well.

Our locations worldwide

Market leader

With approximately 40,000 employees, the MS&AD Group is the market leader in Asia.

Active worldwide

MS&AD is represented in 49 countries and regions.


The group enjoys substantial total assets of over 171 billion euros.

What our Japanese roots mean to us


We value you

As our customer, you are our focus. We know what you need and offer you the best service—as equals.

We believe in sustainable growth

We want to grow, but not at any price. We focus on sustainable growth so that we can be successful with you in the future as well.

We have connections worldwide

Our network gives us a rich source of professional exchange, and therefore knowledge—not only Europe-wide, but also worldwide.

We are cross-cultural

Thanks to our own experience with teamwork between different cultures, we are best capable of adapting to our international customers and their specific needs.

Our product portfolio

Our extensive know-how and our deeply-held company values are reflected by our product portfolio, which offers a solution for every situation. After a detailed consultation, we choose together with you the individual solution that is best for you.

Our insurances