An innovative look into the future—not just conservative understanding

Insurance is the engine for change and growth. Without our industry, there would be no innovations in areas like renewable energy, since otherwise the risks these companies face would be impossible to calculate. No one would dare to risk trying something new. This is why we see ourselves as a double bottom for the ideas of the future.

Transformation made possible through calculable risk

We offer risk transfer. With our realistic risk assessment, risk minimization and risk calculation services, we enable our customers to take calculated risks. As your industrial insurer, we support you in every phase of your contract term—and especially when claims occur.

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Shugo Suzuki
Branch Manager
Deputy Branch Manager & Claims Manager

Alexandre Lambert de Rouvroit

Tel.:  +32 267 90892
Mobile: +32 496 404094

Michel Sedeyn
Chief Underwriter
Nicolas Preat
Senior Underwriter C&S and Marine
François Fournie
Branch Manager
Hugues Poyet
Underwriting Director
General Secretary
Isamu Takase
Head of JIA Marketing
Stephanie Le Magourou
Head of Property Underwriting
Sandra Wilms
Head of Casualty Underwriting
Loïc Devynck
Head of Financial Lines Underwriting
Eric Delage
Head of Engineering
Head of Risk Engineering
Valérie Batista-Guillaume
Claims Manager

Valérie Batista-Guillaume

Tel.: +33 1 85347998
Mobile: +33 7 50140698

Michael Kärcher
Head of Region Germany
Takeshi Hayashi
Head of JIA Marketing
Julia Wohlfahrth
Senior Account Manager – South, West
Thomas Gonser
Senior Account Manager – South, Austria
Thomas Schmid
Senior Account Manager – Middle, North
Heinz Nettersheim
Senior Account Manager – Middle, West
Michael Kärcher
Head of Underwriting Specialities (temporarily)
Head of Underwriting Casualty
Head of Underwriting Property
Thorsten Klare
Head of Underwriting Engineering & Marine
Markus Manderfeld
Head of Claims
Giorgio Bidoli
Branch Manager
Nobuhiro Terao
JIA Marketing Manager
Kyoko Tagami
Senior Underwriter
Daniela Sgura
Patrizia Osti
Claims Manager
Jos Lagarde
Branch Manager
Nobuhiro Terao
Japanese Business Marketing Leader
Gerben Renting
Underwriting Marine / Liability / Engineering & Claims
Arie Kamp
Underwriting: Property
Radovan Figura
Branch Manager
Lubos Holik
Underwriting Manager
Vladimir Galanda
Underwriter Marine and Liability
Risk Engineering and Claims Management
Isamu Takase
Branch Manager
Claims Manager

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