Engineering insurance

You know Elon Musk? In early 2020, his program for private space travel was forced to face its fourth major setback. We are 100% convinced of one thing: He is backed by an amazing insurance company that makes this mission possible.

Our insurance solution

As a type of property insurance, technical insurance is specially designed to cover technical risks. What sounds like mechanical processing, however, is by no means entirely technology-driven: We secure the site as well as its construction and operation—from laying the first foundations to production all the way to demolition. Our product range includes specialized products such as insurance for the lumber and chemical industries, for classical machine and plant construction, for special electro-medical devices or even for entire offshore wind parks.

Our top specialty in this area: Insurance for the energy sector

The advantage for our customers

Even with sophisticated technology, careful maintenance and expert operation, damages are always a possibility. What remains unknown: when they will occur and how severe they will be. With our technical insurance solutions the risk of unpredictable damages becomes a calculable factor for your business.

Our offer varies depending on the branch. We will be happy to advise you individually about the right product for you. Please get in touch with the contact person from your country.

Our products

  • machine insurance
  • electronics equipment insurance
  • business interruption insurance

Service for people


In order to offer the right insurance and to guarantee a seamless technical process when damages occur, our focus is on the relationship with the customer. We do not offer off-the-shelf products. Instead, we look at the actual risks you face. In this way we can work together with you to develop new products that are both highly practical and up to date.

With our personalized customer support and care, we can grow together with you: We know your company. We know your story and your needs. We know you!

Our service philosophy

Voice from the team

“I enjoy the exchange with our customers. Together with our team, we work on solutions that are a perfect fit as well as state-of-the-art. I also really enjoy the variety of our technical insurance. My conclusion: an exciting job!”

Christiane Paruch, Senior Underwriter Engineering

Assessment and support for your risks

Interested in an engineering insurance policy? Or do you need a risk assessment? Our risk engineers can visit you on location and provide you with a qualified risk assessment. In the next step, we work together to develop an insurance solution that is tailored to your needs.

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