To provide more global and adapted solutions, MSIG offers its clients now Cargo coverages in addition to Machinery breakdown or Erection All Risks (EAR).

Thereby, we can cover every types of equipment within the framework of an all-in policy covering damages occurred during carriage, storing or use. Whatever the mode of transport is, the cover will be acquired.

Within the framework of a specific project, one unified solution permitting to cover the "key" equipment, both in transport and in assembly, offers better security than splitting up the cover in two insurers. It significantly reduces the risk of litigation in the case when the origin of damage is uncertain (between the transport phase and the assembly period).
In addition, despite the insurance that can be provided by the manufacturer, a cover of Advanced Loss of Profit due to damage during transport may be essential for client’s strategic investment.

Manufacturers and installers can also benefit from an insurance for the goods, objects of their contracts, from leaving their factory to the final commissioning with ownership transfer. This is usually displayed as an annual turnover policy.

Capacity: 20,000,000 €